About Me


Throughout my life, I've been an explorer of new places and a seeker of adventure. My wanderlust has taken me to many corners of the planet and once there into the hidden places many people don't see. Four years ago I sold most of my worldly goods and I now travel full-time.


Being an avid rock hound, my sculptures are created from the inspirations I find in nature during my travels. Collecting pieces from across the globe and then working them into my designs captures the energy of the place it was found and turns cold and sharp metal into a soft but sturdy piece of art begging to be touched. Each is reminiscent of where it was discovered.


As a certified Arborist, trees have always been an important part of my life. Now, I twist my love of nature, my gypsy lifestyle and a lifelong passion for sculpture into one of a kind creations.


Photography is another of my passions and I love to capture memorable moments in time while on my treks. Animals, plants, and the natural world figure prominently into my subject matter.


And, often, a piece of driftwood or an interesting bobble will find its way into one of my art projects. I find inspiration in the treasures I discover and then translate my vision into a natural work of art.

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